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About Us


Provide high quality, convenient Sandwich and other Wholesale Convenience Store products demanded by our consumers with quality service!

About the Company

Our Motto

"Striving to be the best - not the biggest," has kept Tielke's #1 in customer satisfaction for 20 years and still counting. Our sandwiches are often imitated but our quality is never duplicated.

Our Product

Our deli and sub sandwiches are made fresh daily. Advantage - Tielke's delivers to you the freshest product on the market.

Quality Everytime!

As a deli sandwich manufacturer Tielke's only use fresh USDA high quality meat products, 100% real cheese and custom made bread products. All ingredients are direct shipped to Tielke's and refrigerated until production.

Sandwiches are laboratory tested to measure oxygen content. The oxygen content of a sealed package is what determines the products shelf life. Fresh never frozen sandwiches have a maximum shelf life of 30 days. This is the longest shelf life allowed by the FDA. Tielke's 20 year private label sandwich manufacturer history is proof that customer safety has never and will never be compromised.


We welcome deli sandwich distributor inquiries, please Contact Us today!

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